Approaches to Writing - Assignment 3A
Assignment 3A - List of Potential Thesis Statements
(Estimated Completion Time: 10 - 30 minutes)
What is the assignment?

Review your Research Paper Question (Assignment 2B). With your Question in mind, generate a list of at least three potential thesis statements for your argumentative research paper. Make sure all the thesis statements directly answer the Question and declare an arguable position. Also make sure each thesis statement is phrased as a complete sentence.

When is it due? See the Calendar for the due date.
How do I submit the assignment?

Submit your list to Kenn via WebCT e-mail. At the top of your list, also write your Research Paper Subject, Topic, and Question. On your e-mail subject line write List of Potential Thesis Statements.

How do I generate a list of potential issues?

Try any of the following writing, research, or reading activities, each of which has been designed to help you to generate your list of potential issues. You are required to review them all and try at least one that looks promising.

Any final suggestions? Read the "Scoring Criteria" and "Helpful Hints" before submitting this assignment.
Any questions or comments for Kenn?

Where do I go next?
After submitting Assignment 3A, go to "Assignment 3B."

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